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PUR HAIR organic is unique among hair cosmetics due to its care formula as well as its protecting and regenerating effect.


For the best style you can get, PUR HAIR organic offers styling products, which create matte, silk-mat, glossy and voluminous effects and are made entirely of plant materials.


organic matte mud

Paraben free modeling paste, which contains clay to create a soft and natural styling. It noticeably adds volume to the hair and creates an extraordinary matte effect.

organic matte fiber

A paraben free microfiber paste with strong hold, especially for short hair. It immediately makes the hair shapeable and gives maximum control and volume.

organic thickening gel foam

This foam provides a strong but flexible hold to the hair. Due to the care substances, the hair can be perfectly shaped and curls be defined. It is used for a long lasting, and natural styling with perfect volume. The gel develops into a moisturizing foam that also protects the hair from heat damage.

organic matte mud Puder

Paraben free powder to create perfect volume. It noticeably gives the hair more volume with an extra soft matte styling and strong hold. It provides moisture and promotes self-healing when the scalp is sun-burned.